Dataset: Youth Culture, 1985


This questionnaire survey forms part of a research project on youth culture. The purpose of the project is to examine the cultural groupings of young people, including a mapping out of the value orientation and action orientation of various groups of young people. In order to explain the genesis and development of these cultural groupings the social background of young people is examined. It is assumed that the qualification requirements of the educational system and of the labour market are essential factors for the cultural development of young people. The survey also includes an examination of the influence of childhood and adolescence conditions. #Methodologically, the survey aims at qualitative as well as quantitative analyses. The first part of the survey is a questionnaire survey aimed at examining the cultural grouping of young people seen in the light of qualifications and childhood and adolescence conditions. The next two parts of the survey consist of more intensive interviews in order to examine the relation between the cultural development of individuals and the development of society. The project consists of three parts: #1. A questionnaire survey comprising a sample of young people between 16 and 19. #2. Qualitative interviews with 12 groups of young people selected according to connection with the labour market, education, sex and age. #3. Qualitative interviews with adults who, in their daily work or through other kinds of contact, are able to influence young people: a) 3 interviewees will be selected from various places of work; b) 6 interviewees will be selected from various institutes of education; c) 3 interviewees will be selected from various types of organizations. #This data material is based on the questionnaire part: #By means of three groups of questions concerning attitudes to education, employment and leisure it will be examined whether young people consider these spheres of life in the light of future goals or as autonomous values - here and now. Furthermore, a number of questions were asked concerning the relation of young people to media activities. The purpose of these questions is to examine whether young people have a solely passive and consumer oriented relation to media or whether they have an active relation to one or more media. Finally, the survey examines whether young people have a consumer oriented and relatively passive knowledge of computers, whether they have any experience in this field which enables them to use computers actively, or whether they have no knowledge of computers at all

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Youth Culture, 1985

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Ungdomskultur, 1985

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Youth Culture, 1985, Danish Data Archive, DDA698, version: 1.0.0, 10.5279/DK-SA-DDA-698

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