Dataset: Scientology as Identity III, 1999


This survey is the third of three questionnaire surveys the purpose of which was to obtain demographic and cultural information about a group of Danes who have chosen to join the Scientology movement. Scientology is one of the many new religious movements which - via the USA - spread all over the Western world in the 1960s and the 1970s. # The questionnaire was designed in such a way that it ensures replication of questions from the first survey, DDA-1494: Scientology as Identity and Institution: Core Members 1986-87, from the second survey, DDA-1605: Scientology as Identity and Institution: Follow-Up 1991-92, as well as from a more 'average target group', i.e. from Peter Gundelach's and Ole Riis' survey, DDA-1523: International Value Project, 1990 (Denmark), for which the Danish National Institute of Social Research collected the data. This means that it is possible to assess in which ways Scientology members differ from the majority of the population. The questionnaire was sent out according to an arrangement with Scientology which made an address list available

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Scientology as Identity III, 1999

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Scientology som identitet III, 1999

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Scientology as Identity III, 1999, Danish Data Archive, DDA5680, version: 1.0.0, 10.5279/DK-SA-DDA-5680

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Spørgeskemaer med frankerede svarkuverter blev afsendt fra Københavns Universitet i juni 1999. Respondenterne havde forud modtaget et brev fra Scientologi med anmodning om, at de medvirkede i undersøgelsen.     #  Som bilag til spørgeskemaet var et forkla

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The questionnaire contains a number of open questions.

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survey data


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