Dataset: Pre- and Post-EC Referendum Study, 1972


The first two waves of the panel study were carried out before the EC referendum took place and include questions about the respondent's attitude to Danish membership of the EC and reasons for the respondent's attitude. In addition, the respondent was asked which party she/he voted for at the last general election and voting intention at a hypothetical general election the day after the interview. #The third wave, which was carried out after the EC referendum, deals with: #1) Names and political affiliation of newspapers read by the respondent regularly. #2) Interest in a number of issues concerning the debate on the EC prior to the EC referendum. #3) A naming of the three factors which, according to the respondent, have determined her/his attitude to the EC. #4) The respondent's actual vote at the EC referendum and reasons for this. #5) Assessment of the influence of various factors on the respondent's attitude

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Pre- and Post-EC Referendum Study, 1972

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EF-Vilstrup (før/efter) 1972

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Pre- and Post-EC Referendum Study, 1972, Danish Data Archive, DDA10, version: 1.0.0, 10.5279/DK-SA-DDA-10

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Hvis der ikke opnås kontakt forsøges 1 til 2 gange senere på dagen.

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If the first attempt (i.e. telephone call) failed, one or two more attempts were made later in the day.

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survey data


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