Dataset: Municipal Offers to the Mentally Deficient, 1993


The questionnaire, which was sent to chief social service officers in the municipalities (chief social centre service officers in the municipality of Copenhagen), concerns the municipal social efforts towards the mentally deficient. Considering that the municipalities not always know the diagnoses of the social clients and that they in the social work attach importance to many other things, the questions only concern the assessments of the chief social service officers. A decisive factor for this assessment is that the mental disorder plays a role in the assessment of and actual offers of the municipality to the person in question. However, the group of mentally deficient persons has been limited to comprise adults aged 18 to 67. Among other things this means that the group of persons with geronto-psychiatric diseases is not included. # The questions deal with the efforts/offers to the citizens of the municipalities. Thus, it is not considered interesting whether it is the municipalities, the counties, voluntary organizations or others which are responsible. # The questions may be divided into 6 main groups: #- Questions concerning the consequences of the reorganization of # psychiatry in the municipality. # Questions for mapping out the extent of problems concerning # the mentally deficient. #- Questions concerning the efforts/offers of the municipality to # the mentally deficient and their relatives. #- Questions concerning co-operation with the counties and other # co-operators. #- Questions concerning the district psychiatry. #- Questions concerning projects as well as the integration # of the mentally deficient

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Municipal Offers to the Mentally Deficient, 1993

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Kommunernes sociale indsats over for sindslidende, 1993

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Municipal Offers to the Mentally Deficient, 1993, Danish Data Archive, DDA4038, version: 1.0.0, 10.5279/DK-SA-DDA-4038

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