Dataset: Members of Grass-Roots Organizations, 1979


The survey deals with local political movements characterized by a high degree of member participation. It distinguishes between two types of organization: 1) citizens' groups wanting changes through the formal political decision-makers, for which reason they attempt to influence these, e.g. through public opinion, and 2) social movements wanting changes through a change in the attitudes and ideologies of the population. The purpose of the survey is to describe these organizations and to make a contribution to the understanding of their growth, behaviour and functions. #The survey comprises interviews with members of 54 different grass-roots organizations located in the municipalities of Aarhus, Svendborg and Egvad, as well as interviews with persons attending information meetings, etc., in connection with the prospective establishment of a grass-roots organization. The survey includes information about the socio-economic circumstances of these persons and members, their political activities, and the level and kind of their activities within the organization

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Members of Grass-Roots Organizations, 1979

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Medlemmer af græsrodsorganisationer 1979

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Members of Grass-Roots Organizations, 1979, Danish Data Archive, DDA377, version: 1.0.0, 10.5279/DK-SA-DDA-377

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DK, Aarhus, DK, Svendborg; DK, Egvad

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DK, Aarhus, DK, Svendborg; DK, Egvad

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survey data


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