Dataset: International Value Project, 1981-1983 (Denmark)


The survey deals with the attitudes and values of the respondent in a number of areas: # #a) Leisure. Including subjects such as: #Quality of life; whether the respondent belongs to and does voluntary work for a number of different types of organizations; the attitude of the respondent to having various types of people as neighbours. # #b) Work. Including subjects such as: #Important aspects of a job; the attitude of the respondent to his/her job; what the respondent would do if the working time was halved without the wages being halved also. # #c) The meaning and purpose of life. Including subjects such as: #Whether there is something that the respondent would sacrifice everything for; whether good and evil are absolute or relative concepts; the respondent's religious affiliation and the importance of religion to the respondent; whether the 10 Commandments apply today. # #d) Family life. Including subjects such as: #The respondent's relation to her/his parents in childhood; the respondent's satisfaction with her/his family life; the respondent's opinion of what is important for a successful marriage and what are sufficient grounds for divorce; what qualities one should first and foremost teach one's children. # #e) Contemporary social issues. Including subjects such as: #The respondent's attitude to various forms of political action, to the importance of freedom in relation to equality and to changes in society; the attitude to various possible changes in the way of life; whether a number of different actions can be justified; the attitude to abortion under various circumstances; the political affiliation of the respondent; the attitude to terrorism; and the degree of confidence in various social institutions. # #Parallel surveys were conducted in France, England, West Germany, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Spain

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International Value Project, 1981-1983 (Denmark)

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International værdiundersøgelse, 1981-1983 (Danmark)

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International Value Project, 1981-1983 (Denmark), Danish Data Archive, DDA829, version: 1.0.0, 10.5279/DK-SA-DDA-829

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Forholdsreglerne kendes ikke.

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Actions taken to minimize losses are not known.

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survey data


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