Dataset: Industrial Statistics 1855, 1872 and 1882: Provincial Towns


The survey is a coding of the results of four surveys concerning industrial firms: the industrial counts in Denmark in 1855 and in 1871; the survey of the living conditions of workers from 1872; and J.T. Bayer's publication 'Dansk Provinsindustri' (Danish Provincial Industry) from 1885. The area covered is provincial towns. Variables used are: firm identification (incl. owner's name), number of workers employed, sector of production, special means and methods of production, production in terms of money, and year of establishment. A number of methodological problems arose a the data material is characterized by essential gaps, dissimilar starting points, etc

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Industrial Statistics 1855, 1872 and 1882: Provincial Towns

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Industritællingerne 1855, 1872 og 1882 i provinsbyerne

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Industrial Statistics 1855, 1872 and 1882: Provincial Towns, Danish Data Archive, DDA716, version: 1.0.0, 10.5279/DK-SA-DDA-716

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Struktureret registreringsskema.

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Structured registration form.

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Location of units of observationTime limits, Industrial firms., Industrial firms.

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survey data


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