Dataset: Industrial Democracy, 1976-1977


The survey forms part of an international project concerning industrial management and decision-making and involving 12 countries. Apart from Denmark, similar surveys were carried out in Norway, Sweden, Finland, West Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Belgium, France, Italy, Yugoslavia, and Israel. #The purpose of the project is to examine the extent to which formalized democratization efforts have been made in the industrial sectors as well as the effects, or the success, of these efforts as seen through the eyes of the employees. #The following issues are examined in the survey: #1) the respondents' assessment of the firms with reference to work organization, access to information, etc., #2) the respondents' influence on various matters, and the way this influence manifests itself, #3) the respondents' experiences as regards democratic management schemes, #4) the respondents' experiences as regards staff participation or democratization of management, #5) the respondents' job situation and job satisfaction. #The respondents have been divided into two groups, a 'general sample' and 'key persons'. The latter group includes persons with special knowledge of participation functions, i.e. top managers, shop foremen, works committee members, shop stewards, other trade union representatives, etc. #The DDA has 3 versions of the survey: a) the original Danish version, b) the international version, in which a large number of variables have been recoded and others have been excluded, and c) a combined version, which, in addition to the variables included in the international version, also includes the specifically Danish variables (which have been excluded from the international version). Unless otherwise stated, the version described here is the combined version, which is also the version normally handed out to users for secondary analysis

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Industrial Democracy, 1976-1977

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Indflydelsesfordeling i danske virksomheder 1976-1977

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Industrial Democracy, 1976-1977, Danish Data Archive, DDA75, version: 1.0.0, 10.5279/DK-SA-DDA-75

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DK; N; S; SF; GB; NL; B; F; D; I; YU; IL

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B; D; DK; F; GB; I; IL; N; NL; S; SF; YU

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survey data


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