Dataset: Industrial Closedowns: The B&W Shipyard, 1976-1977


Rather frequently in recent years large numbers of people have been dismissed in consequence of industrial closedowns which have taken place in connection with restrictions of production or major changes in the production of certain companies. The project attempts to find out what happens to wage earners who, through such mass dismissals, are forced into an involuntary change of job, unemployment or retirement from the labour market. The project comprises a) a retrospective analysis of the occupational, economic and social conditions of those wage earners who were dismissed from the B&W Shipyard in 1976-1977 (DDA-0207) and b) an investigation of those wage earners who were dismissed in 1978 and 1979 in connection with the closing of the Kastrup department of the Kastrup-Holmegaard Glassworks (DDA-0811 to DDA-0813)

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Industrial Closedowns: The B&W Shipyard, 1976-1977

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Konsekvenser ved virksomhedslukning, B&W Skibsværft 1976-77

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Industrial Closedowns: The B&W Shipyard, 1976-1977, Danish Data Archive, DDA207, version: 1.0.0, 10.5279/DK-SA-DDA-207

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DK, København

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DK, Copenhagen

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survey data


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