Dataset: Housing Conditions of Students in Aarhus, 1980


The survey deals with Aarhus students who were freshmen in 1980 as well as with Aarhus students who, during the period 15 May, 1980 to 15 September, 1980, applied for a room/flat in a hall of residence through the Hall of Residence Office (Kollegiekontoret). The survey maps out the housing situation of Aarhus students: type of dwelling, size, standard, rent, wish to have a different place to live, time and way of looking for a different place to live, as well as time of actually finding other accommodation. Finally, the survey also deals with the respondents' course of study: whether the respondent wants to continue her/his education and, if not, why

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Housing Conditions of Students in Aarhus, 1980

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Undersøgelse af de studerendes boligforhold i Århus, 1980

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Housing Conditions of Students in Aarhus, 1980, Danish Data Archive, DDA557, version: 1.0.0, 10.5279/DK-SA-DDA-557

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Der blev udsendt een rykker.

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One reminder was sent out.

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survey data


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