Dataset: European Parliamentary Election in Denmark, 1984


The survey was carried out in connection with the European Parliamentary Elections on 14 June, 1984 and it deals with this election as well as a number of other political subjects: voting at the election on 14 June (voting intention or actual vote - dependent on the time of the interview); the respondent's voting at the European Parliamentary Elections in 1979 and at the general election in 1984; election programmes on TV; membership of the EC; political interest; control of the methods used by the police; nuclear power; and private investments

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European Parliamentary Election in Denmark, 1984

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Europaparlamentsvalget 1984

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European Parliamentary Election in Denmark, 1984, Danish Data Archive, DDA807, version: 1.0.0, 10.5279/DK-SA-DDA-807

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Hvis en svarperson ikke kunne træffes hjemme, blev han ringet op mindst een gang mere.

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If the respondent was not at home at least one phone call was made.

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survey data


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