Dataset: Engineering Graduates, 1961-1981


The purpose of the survey is to examine the employment situation of engineering graduates from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Engineering Academy of Denmark (Maskinafdelingen, Danmarks Ingeniørakademi). This includes an examination of the relation between the education at the Department and later employment. The educational background of the students is examined by means of a number of questions concerning the respondents' choice of line of education, their possibilities of influencing the courses they are taking, etc. #The respondents' employment situation is examined by means of questions concerning the respondents' first as well as their present employment. This includes questions concerning number of jobs, pay, geographical location of the place of work, as well as a number of questions concerning the place of work, job functions, etc. #In addition, the daily employment situation is examined by means of questions concerning possibilities of personal and professional development, time consumption and the respondent's position in the firm. Finally, the survey contains a few questions concerning work-related effects on health, if any

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Engineering Graduates, 1961-1981

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Ingeniørkandidater 1961-1981

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Engineering Graduates, 1961-1981, Danish Data Archive, DDA651, version: 1.0.0, 10.5279/DK-SA-DDA-651

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Een rykker udsendt.

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One postal reminder.

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survey data


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