Dataset: Edinburgh Treaty Referendum in Denmark, 18 May 1993


In 1992 the report 'Det blev et nej' (It Was a No) was published as the first publication from the project 'Massemedier og Demokrati' (Mass Media and Democracy). The direct cause of the project was the referendum on the Maastricht Treaty. The referendum, which took place on 2 June 1992, was the third Danish referendum on the attitudes of the Danes to the development of the European co-operation in the EC. # The result of the referendum was a 'no' despite the politicians' expectation of a 'yes'. The distance between the political parties and the voters is discussed in the above-mentioned report. # In the autumn of 1992 the so-called 'national compromise' was established based on co-operation between the Socialist People's Party and the parties which already in 1992 had recommended a 'yes' to the Maastricht Treaty. On the basis of this compromise the governments of the EC countries concluded the so-called Edinburgh Agreement in December 1992. This made it possible to hold the fourth referendum, this time about the Maastricht Treaty and the Edinburgh Agreement. # This survey, which forms the basis of the report 'fra et nej til et ja' (From a No to a Yes), deals with the change from a 'no' in 1992 to a 'yes' in 1993. In which ways were things different in 1993? How was the media coverage of the debate up to the referendum, and how did the voters react to the debate? Which consequences did the debate and the referendum have? Had there been any development in political trust and distrust? # It should be noted that this data material only constitutes one third of the report

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Edinburgh Treaty Referendum in Denmark, 18 May 1993

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Folkeafstemningen om Edinburghaftalen, 18. maj 1993

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Edinburgh Treaty Referendum in Denmark, 18 May 1993, Danish Data Archive, DDA1784, version: 1.0.0, 10.5279/DK-SA-DDA-1784

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