Dataset: Den danske værdiundersøgelse, 2008


The Danish Value Survey is the Danish contribution to a cross-national, comparative survey: The European Values Survey (EVS) which has been carried out in a number of European countries since 1981. The questionnaires have been standardised. The study provides insights into values and opinions of citizens all over Europe.

This is the fourth survey. In 1981 the first survey were carried out in 26 countries including Denmark (DDA-00829). The second survey conducted in 1990 included 40 countries (DDA-01523). The third study was conducted in 1999 (DDA- 05837). That makes this data material very extensive.

The value surveys examine a number of values but are primarily focused on:

WorkPoliticsFamilyGeneral morality.WorkPoliticsFamilyWorkPoliticsWork

This makes it possible to formulate hypotheses focused on a single subject as well as on general value systems.

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Den danske værdiundersøgelse, 2008

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Den danske værdiundersøgelse, 2008

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Den danske værdiundersøgelse, 2008, Danish Data Archive, DDA21432, version: 1.0.0, 10.5279/DK-SA-DDA-21432

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survey data


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