Dataset: Danish Electorate Studies, September 1987 and May 1988


Danish Electorate Studies, September 1987 and May 1988 contain data collected by AIM Research immediately after the general elections in September 1987 and in May 1988. The survey is a panel survey based on telephone interviews in two waves. # The total interviewing time was - apart from the collection of background information - used for asking a number of political questions. The primary investigators expected that this would increase the number of data on political interest and participation. The same effect was expected due to the fact that the studies were carried out shortly after the general elections. The respondents were asked which of the following problems they considered the most important one facing Denmark: squatting, youth unemployment, child and youth problems, unemployment in general, Denmark's economy, environmental problems, peace and security, EC questions, TV 2, refugees, old people's problems, hospital problems, poverty, social problems, education, government formation, AIDS, gene technology, or sex equality. # Furthermore, the respondents were asked about the most important issue in the public debate: the political situation, Difko shares, ritual slaughtering, the EC surplus stocks, squatting, refugees, hospitals, AIDS, terrorism, police brutality, economic issues, local issues, foreign political issues, poverty, social conditions, pensioners' conditions, the espionage scandal, the problems of the Social Democratic Party, and gene technology. # The respondent's interest in politics was examined as regards information, knowledge, election participation, party preference, assessment of whether Denmark's problems would have been of a different extent if the country had had a different government, as well as attitude to politicians, NATO, trade unions, sex roles, crime, immigration, poverty, unemployment, economy, and pollution. In addition, the respondents were asked to place themselves and the political parties on a political left-right scale from 1 to 10, and they were asked about trade union membership and party membership. Finally, questions were asked about whether the respondents are satisfied with the Danish society and the way democracy works

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Danish Electorate Studies, September 1987 and May 1988

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Vælgerundersøgelse september 1987 og maj 1988

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Danish Electorate Studies, September 1987 and May 1988, Danish Data Archive, DDA1480, version: 1.0.0, 10.5279/DK-SA-DDA-1480

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survey data


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