Dataset: Children's Proficiency in Reading and Arithmetic, 1999-2000


The purpose of this survey is to obtain information for statistical and scientific assessment of children's proficiency in reading and arithmetic as well as the relation of this to background, sex, spare time, childhood and adolescence, and age. # # The data material is obtained by means of questionnaires in 1999 and 2000. # #The following information is included from the questionnaires completed by children and young people: #- Excersises in reading, arithmetic, mathematics, physics, # chemistry, geography, and biology. #- Sex. #- Year of birth. #- Form. #- Whom the child lives with. #- Occupation of the parents. #- Education of the parents. #- Language(s) spoken in the home. #- Extent and type of education. #- Homework. #- Aids. #- Books and aids in the home. #- Change of school and class. #- How are things decided in the home. #- Parents' participation in school and spare time activities. #- Spare time activities. #- Expectations of the future. #- Extent of and problems with reading

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Children's Proficiency in Reading and Arithmetic, 1999-2000

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PISA-longitudinal: Forløb af unge født i 1983 og 1984, 2000

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Children's Proficiency in Reading and Arithmetic, 1999-2000, Danish Data Archive, DDA5302, version: 1.0.0, 10.5279/DK-SA-DDA-5302

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