Dataset: Bakers: Early Retirement Pay and Trade Union Migration, 1980


The project on the working conditions of bakers consists of 6 part surveys carried out during the following periods: #1978-1979: Personal interviews with persons who had just retired # on early retirement pension or disability pension. #1978-1980: Survey on literature, i.e. bibliography/retrieval of # literature. #1979-1980: Postal questionnaire survey of early retirement # pensioners. #1979-1980: Postal questionnaire survey of bakers who had left # the Foodstuff Workers' Union (Nærings- og # Nydelsesmiddelarbejder Forbundet). #1980-1981: Mortality rate of bakers in the period 1970 to 1975. #1981-1982: Postal questionnaire survey of members of the # Foodstuff Workers' Union in active employment. #This survey includes early retirement pensioners and bakers who have left the Foodstuff Workers' Union. The main survey is the postal questionnaire survey of employed members: DDA-0553: Working Conditions of Bakers, 1981-1982. #The bakers who had retired on voluntary early retirement pay were asked about previous working conditions and working environment (in particular about the influence of the work on their health) as well as about reason(s) for retiring on voluntary early retirement pay. The bakers who had left the union were asked the same questions about their last place of work and health status and, in addition, they were asked to give reason(s) for leaving the union

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Bakers: Early Retirement Pay and Trade Union Migration, 1980

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Udmeldte og efterlønsmodtagere blandt bagere 1980

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Bakers: Early Retirement Pay and Trade Union Migration, 1980, Danish Data Archive, DDA691, version: 1.0.0, 10.5279/DK-SA-DDA-691

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Op til 2 skriftlige rykkere. Der blev i begge tilfælde medsendt et nyt eksemplar af spørgeskemaet.     #Af de 273 respondenter svarede de 135 på første brev, 1. rykker gav yderligere 105 besvarelser og 2. rykker 32 besvarelser (1 respondent er uoplyst på

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survey data


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