Dataset: Audience Survey: Odense Theatre, 1979


The survey originated in a wish on the part of the Odense Theatre to examine the opinions of its audience about the range of offers from the theatre. Consequently, the purpose of the survey is to isolate attitudes towards the Odense Theatre of both present (i.e. at the time of the investigation) and potential theatre-goers. Besides focusing on the opinions of potential theatre-goers (by including information about the interests and attitudes to the theatre of a random selection of non-theatre-goers) the survey also focuses on actual theatre-goers. #The survey attempts to examine factors which are instrumental in creating barriers to theatre-going. It also attempts to explain the importance of competition from various other spare time activities, reading habits, and the use of radio and TV for both theatre-goers and non-theatre-goers. #The survey was originally divided into 3 data sets, as two types of theatre-goers (seat holders and non-seat holders) as well as non-theatre-goers were examined. Below, a merged version of the 3 data sets is described

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Audience Survey: Odense Theatre, 1979

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Publikumsundersøgelse for Odense Teater 1979

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Audience Survey: Odense Theatre, 1979, Danish Data Archive, DDA304, version: 1.0.0, 10.5279/DK-SA-DDA-304

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/ Som incitament for respondenterne til at medvirke i undersøgelsen blev der foretaget en lodtrækning om 10 abonnementer a 3 forestillinger til sæsonen 1980/81. Der blev desuden udsendt een rykker til repsondentgruppen ikke-teatergængere.

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/ As an incentive for respondents to take part in the investigation lots were drawn for 10 season tickets valid for 3 performances during the 1980/1981 season. Furthermore, one reminder was sent out to the non-theatre-going group of respondents.

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survey data


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