Dataset: Attitude to Handicapped Persons, 1999


The purpose of this survey is to obtain information for statistical and scientific assessment of knowledge of and attitudes to handicapped persons as well as how people in practice behave towards handicapped persons. In addition, the purpose is to generate scales which may measure these aspects. # The data material is obtained by means of interviews with the selected persons in 1999. # #The following information is included from the interviews: #- Sex, year of birth and forms of cohabitation. #- School and vocational education, main occupation, public or # private employment and number of subordinates. #- The respondent's definition of a handicap, and own handicap, if # any. #- Handicap(s) of the respondent's cohabitant and knowledge of and # contact with other handicapped persons. #- Membership of and participation in activities in associations # and organizations for the handicapped. #- Contact with and help to handicapped persons, including # at place of work, institute of education or in the spare time. #- Knowledge of legislation about handicapped persons and sources # of information about the handicapped. #- Conditions of the handicapped in Denmark, including equality and # the treatment of the handicapped by society, places of work and # public authorities. #- Free access to abortion of embryos with handicaps. #- Handicapped persons as parents. #- Communities for handicapped persons near their own dwelling

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Attitude to Handicapped Persons, 1999

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Holdning til handicappede, 1999

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Attitude to Handicapped Persons, 1999, Danish Data Archive, DDA5977, version: 1.0.0, 10.5279/DK-SA-DDA-5977

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