Dataset: Adult Spare Time Education: French Lessons in Odense 1979-1980


Everybody taking evening classes in French in Odense in the 1979-1980 night school season has been sent a questionnaire the purpose of which is to examine a number of aspects of spare time education with special reference to the French language. Apart from social background questions on, for instance, the respondent's age, sex, education, attitude towards course descriptions, attitude to the various educational associations and to preparatory courses, the survey also deals with psychological aspects, such as expectations and profit from lessons, motivation, dropping out and the reasons for it. Finally, the pedagogical aspect is dealt with in questions about educational material and methods. Research on adult education in England, Germany and France is also included in the survey

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Adult Spare Time Education: French Lessons in Odense 1979-1980

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Voksenpædagogik: Fransk i fritidsundervisningen i Odense 1979

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Adult Spare Time Education: French Lessons in Odense 1979-1980, Danish Data Archive, DDA310, version: 1.0.0, 10.5279/DK-SA-DDA-310

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Spørgeskemaet udsendtes 1. uge i maj 1980 med sidste afleveringsfrist 20. juni 1980. På dette tidspunkt udsendtes da en rykker til de personer, der ikke havde tilbagesendt skemaet, med en afleveringsfrist til 20. juli 1980.

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The questionnaire was sent out during the first week of May 1980, and the deadline was 20 June, 1980. Then a reminder was sent to those who had not returned the questionnaire, with 20 July, 1980 being the new deadline.

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survey data


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